How Air Conditioner Work

We all love air conditioners

We beat the heat in summer and warm up the cold in winter. Air conditioners make it possible for us to live comfortably. Air conditioner is an essential part of our lifestyle. Home, apartments, offices, malls, commercial centers, cars, buses and planes – all have air conditioning system.

But how do they work?

Air conditioner is an indispensable magical machine. They are available in various sizes, capacities and prices. People living in apartments have window or split air conditioners. Multi stories and commercial complexes have centralized air conditioning system. In spite of its variety, the basic working principle is the same. It sucks the hot air, cools it and blows back. It is fascinating to know how the air conditioners work.

Air conditioners do not lower the temperature by pumping cool air. Warm air from your room is sucked, cycled back in as cool air. The thermostat fixed inside the machine controls the air temperature. It is a basically a refrigeration system using evaporation of refrigerant to give cooling. Air conditioner heart is its compressor. The compressor applies pressure to the cool gas.

This has the counter-intuitive effect of making it becomes hot. The high pressure hot gas is pushed through a set of wire coils. These coils absorb the heat in the gas and the gas is cooled and condensed into a liquid. The liquid passes through an expansion valve. In the process, the liquid then evaporates but loses heat further becoming a very cold and now low pressured gas.

This newly cooled gas now passes through another set of wire coils and absorbs heat which in turn cools down the air inside the room. The refrigerant gas is mixed with a small quantity of light weight oil to lubricate the compressor.

airconditionerAir conditioners clean, cool and remove moisture from the air. If you have an air conditioner with heat and cooling system, in winter it will clear and heat and add moisture to the air.

Air conditioners with dual system throughout the year clean and control the temperature and moisture. In some air conditioners filters clean the air and machines have air washers through which the air is blown for cleaning. Electrostatic filers or electrostatic precipitation is also used in some air conditioners.

Big buildings, commercial complex such as malls, the air conditioners will heat the air by blowing it over coils which filled with steam or hot water. Electric heaters to warm the air are also used. Warm air holds moisture and cold air reduces moisture level. In a room an air conditioner circulates air at a rate of 15 to 40 cubic feet per minute.

Your air conditioners work in a closed loop arrangement, filled with required quantity of refrigerant to cool the air. This is the system how your air conditioners work to give you cooling effect.

Air conditioners have two sides – one is high pressure side and the other is low pressure side. The compressor, the condenser and the inlet of the expansion valve comprise the high pressure side.

The evaporator, the suction of the compressor and the outlet of the expansion valve forms the lower pressure side. There are different types of components in the air conditioner system.

Higher efficient air conditioners will have more components. The components mentioned are by and large are required for the machine to work and this is how the air conditioner work.

Of course sometimes you don’t just want to cool a room or a building down, but heat it up. This often presents a very different set of problems. If you are interested in know a bit more about that topic then click here.