Taking Care Of And Cleaning Your Kitchen Rugs

A topic which probably gets almost no coverage, even on the web. But kitchen rugs get a particular type of wear and having had to clean mine recently I thought it would be worthwhile writing an article providing some, in my opinion, reasonably sensible advice.

After searching and shopping around, you finally provided your kitchen with those pretty rooster rugs you always wanted. Now the question on your mind is, after spending all that cash, how do I ensure these rugs give me my money’s worth? Here are several easy ways to care for your kitchen rugs.

  1. Try and purchase washable kitchen rugs which you can easily wash in case it gets dirty and starts to become an eyesore. Remember to use warm water for your rugs, as it gets the job done better than cold water. Different rugs require different water temperatures during the wash for optimum endurance. Use a slightly higher temperature for lighter colored rugs.
  2. Do not use a harsh detergent when washing kitchen rugs, as it might result in a colorful mess. And do not try to wash a kitchen rug that isn’t suitable for machine wash in the washing machine. It will destroy the rug. Always wash rugs separately from your laundry.
  3. When drying a kitchen rug after a wash, always tumble dry at a low setting to avoid the rug from fraying. If the material of the kitchen rug is quite delicate, it is preferable to air dry it in the sun (or indoors if that is not possible).
  4. It is unavoidable that occasionally our daily activity in the kitchen ends up leaving stains on the kitchen rugs we lay on the floor, especially during food preparation. Well that rooster rug isn’t going to clean itself properly with just a normal cycle in the washing machine 3 weeks after you spilled mustard on it. Always treat stains immediately after they occur so that they do not set. Use a stain remover or if you don’t have one baking soda or dish washing detergent works too. Remember to blot the area and not rub it in as this will make the stain set faster.

Everyone wants to take care of their belongings, especially decorative items, properly. With the simple tips above, your kitchen rugs could last for years, giving you a bang for your buck.

I found a useful video on the matter here which may also provide some good advice.

Cat Climbing Trees are Perfect for Indoor Cats

When we got our first cats we hit upon the idea of providing them with their own climbing area. I had ideas of making climbing areas and perches and runs all over the place. Of course in practice it was not so easy, my woodworking skills were not up to much and this was in the days before cat trees really became popular. I was really trying to give our cats a chance to sit somewhere high up. They simply love to sit and look down across their mini-Kingdom. Nowadays there are many different options for buying cat trees and I would recommend that you check them all out before making a decision.

cat-tree-2I was really trying to give our cats a chance to sit somewhere high up. They simply love to sit and look down across their mini-Kingdom. Many cat trees can be adjusted to provide exactly the right height and if they had been around back then I would almost certainly have bought one. It is tall, can be used effectively in rooms up to 9 foot tall, although that is with an extension as the normal use is for rooms up to 8 foot.

There are many different cat trees available for sale at great prices on Amazon and are definitely worth checking out, especially if you are unsure if you cat will like climbing a cat tree and don’t want to waste nearly $100 finding out.

Good Points about Cat Trees

As I said, cats love to sit somewhere high up and this cat tree provides them with a great place to do exactly that. We have seen a number of great options especially cheaply at Amazon.

Thing to Remember About Cat Trees

Remember, if you are paying around $40 for a cat tree it is not going to last forever, and this cat tree is no exception. Although it is suitable for most cats, it’s height does make it potentially feel quite unstable if you are concerned about this then it would be well worth securing it to a wall with a simple bracket.

Overall you can get some fantastic options for cat trees. Many have multiple levels and incorporate cubby holes and perches and play areas. You should be able to get one at any price point as the manufacturers have priced at the entry level for cat trees.

Following our experience with our cat we would recommend a cat tree. They may well be just what your cat is looking for.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Choices

Maybe you practice yoga, believe in casting out malevolent spirits from a room or your home and attracting the beneficent ones. Maybe you have trouble sleeping at night or are fond of making your home smell like a bunch of your favorite fragrant flowers. In other words, you employ aromatherapy for its olfactory allure, health benefits, or both. Well, did you know that now there are more ways of letting the aroma of essential oils spread in your room than just leaving it in the direction of a fan? Depending on the aromatherapy diffuser used, you can achieve different desired effects with them according to what the situation demands.

fanfuserThe fanfuser is an easy-to-use and efficient diffuser.

It is very quiet, with a small fan blowing air through a pad that contains your essential oils, whether they be fluid or viscous.

It is a popular diffuser, no heat used, and perfect for small spaces and even safe for public places such as nursing homes or shops.

nebulizing diffuserThe nebulizing diffuser is another popular one. It pumps air through a glass chamber in which you pour your essential oils. Many aromatherapists prefer it for its effectiveness in diffusing the essential oils, converting them into microscopic droplets which stay in the air for a long time, making the oils more easily assimilated by the lungs. Twenty to thirty minutes use of this aromatherapy diffuser several times a day will be enough to provide the therapeutic benefits of the oils used in it. Its downsides, however, are that thick oils are not recommended to be used with it since they may clog the glass chamber, and that it is not ideal to be used in public places because of the danger of glass breakage.

tea candle diffuserThe tea candle diffuser is for the more old-fashioned person, or for one who prefers earthier home accents such as ceramic. It is simply a vase-like reservoir with a hole or holes on the side enough for you to be able to place a candle inside.

The hollow at the top is where you pour your essential oils which will diffuse into the air with the help of the heat from the lit candle underneath.

This diffuser is perfect not just to achieve the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy but also for home decoration.

car diffuserHow about a car diffuser for when you’re traveling to and from work or for long drives? You just need to add a few drops of essential oils into its pad, plug it into the cigarette lighter, and enjoy.

Try an aromatherapy inhaler which can fit easily in your purse or pocket and can be refilled with whatever essential oil you need such as when you need stress relief or you have a headache. Or an even more ingenious way of bringing your diffuser with you is an aromatherapy pendant!

Perfect for the ladies, it is basically a small vial that contains your favorite mix of essential oils, decorative, of course, so you will not be ashamed of wearing it over your favorite ensemble to work. However you want it and wherever, you have an aromatherapy diffuser to fit your needs perfectly.

An Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding Part 1

A couple of years ago I was over in England and I happened to visit the city of Bristol in the West of England. It seemed to me an interesting place full of a rich history of engineering brilliance (Isambard Kingdom Brunel built a high up suspension bridge in Clifton, a part of Bristol, the train station which is now called Bristol Temple Meads and the first steam ship SS Great Britain which is moored in the docks; but it also has something of a darker history related to the slave trade. Many of the larger and more impressive buildings in the city were built by merchants who got rich on the proceeds of slaving.

However, although hopefully providing something of a backdrop to the city I really wanted to talk about learning to paddleboard. I remember taking early morning walks in the docks, which is really lovely on a clear day and seeing enthusiastic paddle boarders paddling their way past the SS Great Britain.

bristol paddleboarding

It looked a very peaceful and tranquil activity. Anyway, the image stuck in my head and recently I had a chance to try out paddle boarding for myself. I thought I’d use this post to let you know how I got on and what SUP choices were available.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Harder Than It Looks

I’m not ashamed to say, that it turns out that paddle boarding is a lot harder than it looks. It’s also physically much more demanding than I expected, in fact by the end I was practically exhausted, from the exertion required, something I simply hadn’t expected.

Introduction to the “Gear”

First, let’s take off the main pieces of equipment that are involved in paddle boarding.

A stand-up paddle board.

Obviously. The particular board that you choose really depends upon your level of experience, your weight and size, your skill and the purpose to which you expect to put your board. In the example above, the paddleboard is that I witnessed in the docks in Bristol did not appear to have a difficult time of the conditions. The water was very calm and the effort required to paddle seemed to be slight. In contrast course if you intend to surf on your paddle board, then I would expect a different type of board to be required altogether. I was just paddling on a lake, similar to the docks I mentioned in Bristol. So I had an inflatable standup paddleboard chosen for me by my instructor.

A paddle.

The panels are approximately the same height as you, although perhaps a little bit taller. They are angled in order to generate the optimal efficiency. The strange thing is that the panel is held in the opposite way to which you expect when you first start. I found this really difficult to get my head around, and it was one of the early snags I encountered.

A leash.

These sometimes come with the actual stand-up paddle board itself, but more commonly they are sold as separate items. In short ensures that you are tethered to your SUP. This is in case that you fall off it and for some reason or another find it difficult to return to the board. By being leashed to your ankle it will always be in the close vicinity. There are different types of leashes required for different conditions and you should make sure that you have the correct one before going out.

Other Items

There are a number of other items of equipment that you might take along with you on your paddle boarding adventure, however they tend to revolve around ensuring that you have warm clothing, a drink, perhaps something to eat, and something to protect you from overexposure to the sun.

There is much more to be said what the best stand-up paddle board might be, but there is obviously insufficient room in this article and you be best following the link provided.

In the second part of my article, to be published shortly by intend to look at how to stand sensibly on your board and how to approach the basics of paddling stroke itself. Stay tuned.