Getting To Know Your New Sewing Machine

Having purchased your new sewing machine the next question to ask is how you are going to get the best from it. This may sound an odd question to ask, but the reality is that setting up an unfamiliar machine can be quite a daunting experience. There is much to work out, ranging from how to thread the sewing machine for the various stitches, which implicitly includes how to utilize all the features that the sewing machine has incorporated within it. You can literally have the best sewing machine on the market and still not get this right.

Establish A Working Space For Your Sewing Machine

First you should establish a place to locate your sewing machine while you get used to using it. The reason for this is to ensure that you can easily sit down and start sewing quickly and easily. It is amazing how much an impediment getting the sewing machine out can be when you are thinking about trying a sewing project out. The space should be free from clutter and allow you room to spread out when planning your projects.

know-your-machinePractice Setting The Machine Up From Scratch

You want the process of setting up your machine to be as straightforward and hassle free as possible. The best way to do this is to practice setting it up from scratch a few times. This does not mean to suggest that you should be able to do this blindfolded, but familiarity with the way the thread flows is an important aspect of using the sewing machine properly and one good way to attain this knowledge is to actually set it up a number of times so that it goes from the box to ready to use.

Select An Easy Material

When learning your new sewing machine you really want to focus on only one thing at a time, as is noted in the point above. So when contemplating your first project you will want to narrow down the variables as much as possible. Our suggestion for this is to select material that is easy to work with. We think that cotton fits this bill most closely. It is easy to work with, does not fray easily at the edges and perhaps most important of all it does not stretch when feeding it through the machine.

Select A Straightforward Project

Very much following along the lines of keeping things simple, the first projects you should consider undertaking are simple, straightforward projects that do not require complex stitching and in the main the seams are straight. This will allow you to become familiar with the way the machine feels and allows the material to be fed through the sewing area. You can also concentrate on getting a smooth straight stitch without having to worry about the project as a whole.


When getting to know your new sewing machine the central advice is always going to be – just do it! This means that you should just do your best to use your sewing machine for as many projects as you can think of as quickly as possible, because experience is always the best teacher. However, it is always worth optimizing your learning process by ensuring that you keep the variables over which you are attempting to exert control as few as possible, which is what we have tried to suggest in this article.

Here is a really useful youtube video on the same topic.